Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vacation is Over

Vacation is so over. We're home and life is quickly falling into the "back to school" routine. The kids were really looking forward to going back to school and are excited about their new classes and teachers. We all struggle a little with getting up and going in the morning. All of us that is, except Little James. He is definately an early riser.

Vacation was wonderful. Camp Barakel was especially refreshing. The speaker was John Barnett and he was very good. Challenging. He is a very intellectual man and really knows the Word and speaks directly from it. He talked about prophecies showing that the end times are near. How exciting to think that soon Christ may come!! He also talked about David and his life. Challenging as well. If I can find it, I'll include his web site in my next blog as his messages are on there easy to listen to. Like I said he's very intellectual but he breaks it down so anyone can understand.

Well, I have to run and walk the kids home from school. I get to do that one more day, then they are on their own walking home for the first time. We only live a block and a half away so they do just fine.
Love you all!


Philip Luter said...

dtbm.org is John Barnett's web site. (Stands for Discover The Book Ministries)

Kara said...

Hi Pam! I love the pictures you have posted! Someday my family will make it to Barakel, too, and you can show us all the cool stuff to do!