Friday, April 04, 2014

Getting Used to the Dark

I have a child that just couldn't process the thoughts they were having.....How can someone who once followed God passionately not even give Him a second thought?  Why has their life changed so much they just seem selfish now?  Why is it the closer they get to God, the further away they seem?
I don't know the theological reason, other than SIN.
  Here's what I answered....
We have a free will.  A choice to make.  Every day we choose who we will serve.  The day we stop choosing and just go with our heart, which is deceitful above all things, is the day we take our first step into the darkness.  It becomes easier and easier to not make the choice anymore.
You know when you go into a dark room and eventually your eyes adjust to the dark?  You can now see what's right in front of you?  That's how it is when we start living more in the dark that in HIS light.  We only can see ourselves.  We only think about OUR next step and forget how wonderful and good it was to be in the light.  We think because we can see something, we're ok.  We're missing out on God and focusing on ourselves.  Relationships suffer...and we don't even realize it.  It hurts watch this happen.  Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it takes 15 years.
What would you say?  I welcome advice and feedback.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The song that has been on repeat all month.

You know when you hear a song and you think "that's a catchy tune", and you like it.

I have one of those, I love the tune.  What I love more is the lyrics.  Oh the truth of the words.  The song is by Crowder - called I AM.

It's a reminder to me that through storms....and there have been storms this year.  Health, financial, relationships(not marriage, don't worry)....storms....God never lets us go.  In the middle of the storm He is still I AM.  Still the creator, the King the lover of my soul.  We hold on to Him, but really HE holds us through these storms.  Storms we could never weather on our own.

I just love that God loves me that much and there is that much power in who He is.

So I'm sharing my new favorite song.  It makes me smile with joy and weep with humility that God loves me just that much.

The song th

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Basketball has Begun!

Hannah is playing basketball for the 8th grade school team.  She is playing with two of her best friends and is having a blast!!  It's fun to watch and Noel really is their biggest little cheer leader.
Have a great season girls!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My's what I dream of for my kids.

Disclaimer - these are rather scattered thoughts.  I have a 3 yr old.  Need I say more?

I was asked my testimony just recently.  My testimony would be how I knew I needed Jesus as my savior and what he saved me from.
I knew at 5 that I sinned and I was not good enough to go to heaven on my own.  I knew that I needed Jesus.  Jesus came died and took my sins, then rose again just for me.  It said so in God's Word.  I believe that.  I was a newborn baby Christian at that moment.

Since then my life has been, well, rather uneventful on the grand scale of things.  By uneventful I don't mean I have not had great and grand adventures.  I have traveled the world!  Had an amazing childhood filled with fun, family and good things.  I enjoyed school, had great friends and then went to college.  I didn't get married young, but I married and have 4 kids.  I have had and do have a great life.

That is the kind of life I want for my kids.  It's a good life filled with knowing God and knowing his love.  And there is NOTHING wrong with that life.

Sometimes I feel like if we have a "boring" salvation story it's of no interest to anyone else. No great "salvation" came to us.
Actually that's not true.  We were saved with the same grace, forgiveness and mercy that the 60 year old that lived a horrible life is saved with.  We were just spared a hard life.

As a parent, I am raising my kids the same way I was raised.  Teaching them one moment at a time how awesome loving God can be.   I want them to be spared the hardships.  I want them to grow more and more in love with God each passing year and then raise their children to love God.

I will not say my life was perfect or I never had times where I was not close to the Lord....but it was pretty great and I never have walked away from the Lord.  Thank you LORD for holding me close.

I want my kids to have a story to tell when they are older that they fell in love with Christ as a young child and only got to know Him better as they got older.  I want them to say that they are SO BLESSED to have been protected from a hard life or a life knowing and remembering separation from the love of God.

I co-lead a mom's group at my church and I see all these little people being raised by God loving mama's and I want to stand there and say " I made it!  I was your kid.  I was raised in a Christian home, going to church, loved deeply by my parents....and I made it.  I still love God and my life is good."  I think we all need to hear a testimony that is boring every now and then to remember that if we really think about it, it's what we want for our kids too.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Things I Am Learning

I enjoy learning.  I like history and interesting trivia.  There are things that I am learning though that aren't in a book.  They are things I am learning by living.  Sometimes I learn the hard way, and sometimes I learn them quietly.  This may be several posts.  I have learned a lot.

I am learning to be the wife of a leader.  Following my husband at home seems to be something that has come easy.  I want him to be the spiritual leader and I like when he makes the decisions.  That's not what this post is about though.
My husband is a leader other places too.  He is a community leader and has church responsibilities too.  (he's not a teacher or an elder, but still leads in his jobs he does there)
I am learning how to be his wife with those jobs.

I learn to watch what I say about him.  Even light hearted jokes or quips about our life to others may embarrass him or lead others to think he is foolish.  I have to make certain of my audience before talking.
I have learned to just listen.  When he talks about work or otherwise, it's not  for me to fix, criticize or give advice to him.  Especially it is important that I keep his confidence in me.  I want him to know he can trust me and know that what he tells me won't go any where.
I have learned to choose topics that I talk to about with my girlfriends or on facebook reflect on him in a positive way.  Do I talk about things that may belittle others?  Do I talk about how much or how little money we have?  Do I come off as critical?
All these things not only make me look bad....but make my husband look bad.   Can he be trusted with our money if at home they spend it unwisely?  Why does he need a raise if they are already eating steak for dinner?  If she is critical and harsh, he must not be a good communicator to let her be like that.  He must not be good at managing people.
I know that theses may seem petty and ridiculous, but's the truth.  People are going to think about. and question their leaders.  We all really should.  I don't want the way I act to be any reason people question my husband's ability.
So, I am learning.  I am learning the right way to be his wife.
Pray for me in this ok?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Sweetest Gift I Got

Kitchen utensils.
Yes.  These are the sweetest gift I got this year.  Why you ask?  I didn't ask for them.  They are from Little James.  I almost cried when I opened them, saved the tears for later.  The reason is just that.  I didn't ask for them.  This sweet son saw a need.  He heard me throughout the year say "I could use about 2 more of these" and remembered that when he went shopping.  It isn't a costly gift (although they are good ones and probably not cheap).
It's a gift that says to me
 - I pay attention to what you say, I saw you had a need, I could do something about what you wanted and what you would enjoy.
I saw that he loves me and knows me well enough to buy me something that is practical and knows I would use them a lot.

Thank you James!  You are a wonderful son, but more importantly you are a wonderful son of God and live it through these little details of your life.  I love you kid!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

School Has Started

School has started!
James is 14 1/2 and is in high school, 9th grade.
Hannah is 13 and is in middle school, 8th grade.
Evan is 5 and is just starting school, Kindergarten.

They were all very excited for school to start, all for different reasons.
 James likes the new classes and was glad to get to them.  He has a construction class and a woodworking class and was eager to check those out and try something new and learn some new skills. He was not anxious about high school in a nervous way, just excited to begin.
 Hannah was excited to see her friends!  She loves the social aspect of school.  Good thing she is a good student or this might be a problem. :)  She also has French class this year and has looked forward to taking this class for a long time.
Evan was just plain excited!  He gets to ride a bus, meet new kids and start learning in a formal environment.  He got to check out his class ahead of time and meet his teacher.  She is experienced and a lot of fun!  He has like his whole first week and has look forward to going each day.

Noel is still hanging out with Mommy this year.  We are working on numbers past 15 and letters by sight.