Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Just wanted to show you all Snow White and G.I. Joe.


Mammie & Pappie said...

Hi kids,
Wish we could have been there to go out with you!! Hope you had fun! Save some chocolate for us!

Pam said...

Hannah says - We had a great time trick or treating. we will save some cholcolate for you. What's your favorite kind?

Kara said...

I would just like to say that I enjoy Butterfinger, and I really like your costumes!

Jenny LaBo said...

I personally enjoy peanut butter cups.
I love the costumes. Josh loves GI Joe.

Mammie said...

My favorite is Almond Joy or Nestle's almond! Thank You!
Love your black hair.

Pam said...

From Hannah-
I liked my black hair too. I don't have an Almond Joy, but Pam said you like Mounds so I saved that one for you. I saved Pappie a Butterfinger.

Josh said...

G.I. Joe and Snow White. That would so be the best buddy-cop movie ever!

Mammie said...

Thanks Snow White,
Pappie would love the Butterfinger and remember, so would Aunt Kara!
Mammie has been sick today - seems like it happens on my day off a lot. Oh well!