Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Brother!

I am blessed to have a brother that has been a best friend too. November 7, he is 35!!!! Man, we're getting old :) I said "we".
We love you Chris!!
We love Uncle Chris and we can't wait until we get to see you on Saturday.

Do you like the wonderful picture? I love it. I never had a better friend growing up.


Phil Luter said...

Seems like yesterday you guys were wrestling and racing with me. I am so glad that you got along so well and that you still look out for each other. The most unforgetable moment of your childhood for me was when we heard Christian in the back seat of our car explaining, as only one child could to another, the way of salvation to his sister. The tears were coming so hard I could hardly drive. So, in a way, he is your spiritual father as well as your brother.

Mom said...

ok- now you've all got me crying! It was good to see both of you taking care of each other throughout life. Don't stop.
Pam, Your great grandma Spear knit that outfit for you - I still have it.

Mom said...

Didn't know if you realized that we cannot get to Aaron & Betsy's or Jim & Robin's link from your blog - even though you have it as a link. Thought you might want to know that.
Also, Pray that the congress woman that Aaron works for gets voted back in - we noticed she is very close in the polls right now. Aaron has probably been REAL busy the last few weeks. This is his job!!

Jenny LaBo said...

Cathy you can't ruin a moving post with politics. :)

Chris said...

Nice picture Pam. I know that we've taken more recent, better looking ones, right? Oh well, Thanks for the birthday wishes.

PS Dad if you miss the wresting so much, I could come over and whoop ya!!

Pam said...

Want to come over tonight? I'll whoop you! Too bad James has a meeting and can't witness. Ha ha!

Kara said...

You guys are both adorable! And I love that the outfit is homemade!

Chris said...

Don't encourage her Kara!!