Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

We had a wonderful Sunday out in the sun. I got a little work done in the yard, and James got A LOT done today. Our yard is starting to look good. Another month or so and it should look really good.

The kids played outside for about 8 hours and had a blast! Hannah had all her sun gear out.

They brought their little fun toys and played with them in water. Polly Pocket really went swimming in her pool today :) Thanks Mammy!! The pool is still a winner!

James even had his toys in a pool. Of course his toys were lizards and frogs. Thanks for the new set of lizards Stephanie!

Hannah was hanging pretty cool today in her sunglasses. My camera batteries died, but I tried to get a picture of her while she was on the phone with my mom. Laying back in the chair, sunglasses on, phone in hand. It was a hoot!

So that was our afternoon. We're still adjusting to not going to my parents every Sunday afternoon. We all get a little choked up when we remember that we didn't go, but we do like our new home. Mom and Dad are coming down this week! Yippee!! We're all ready for a little Mammy and Pappy time. :)


Kara said...

What a nice day! I thought summer would never come. I will try to post some pictures of our afternoon, too. Hopefully Abby will cooperate and go to bed soon.

Jenny LaBo said...

Looks like a great day for the Wickman family!

Laurie said...

I love sunny afternoons outside. I remember when we all used to gather at the Luter's pool. Good times!

Chris said...

I'm looking forward to more good times at the Luter pool this summer!!
Pam, I'm looking forward to coming down this week for a visit!!

Kelly Glupker said...

Ben just said the other day that he hoped to be able to come home this summer and hang out at the Luter pool. I suppose this means we are inviting ourselves over. We are enjoying nice weather here too. Upper 80's today - I may not survive Kentucky heat this summer.

Chris said...

I don't think anyone is ever really invited to my parents's just known that you can stop by anytime. It's always been that way, since I was a kid. This is one of the things that I love about my parents. Hi Mom!! :)

Phil Luter said...

We can hardly wait until you all get here!