Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Weekend

The Armstrong Family came down for a weekend of fun with us this weekend. They brought Hannah back from Hannah's 3 fun filled days at Mammy and Pappy's. (Dad you need to post something about your time)

We had a lot of fun together, as always. It was really nice to have friends over and be able to be the hosts.

Here are just some fun pics of our time together.
Alex learned how to climb steps at our house. You're welcome Steph!! :)
The girls just a had a fun time playing together all day.
We went to the Baloon festival in Howell and saw a dog show, equestrian show and skydivers. All very cool!

The girls were ready for a nap for sure. They had a "slumber party" the night before and though we tried, they didn't get much sleep.


Mom (Mammy) said...

What a happy Alex boy!!
Oh no! Two little girls with no sleep - I remember so well!!
Oh Hannah, I love those glasses.
You should have seen Olivia's cute dress this morning in church!! We missed you this morning Travis & Alex.
That is a cool picture of the skydivers coming down with the flag.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Thanks sooooo much again, we will be down very soon again, it is just too easy of a drive and so close !!! Plus Travis wants to mow, heeeheeee (will post some pics) You were such great host :) next time we get the bunks or air matress ! Love you all very much and sorry we missed you little James, cant wait to hear how camp was !

Kara said...

Oh boy- Laurie is going to get all excited when she hears you saw hot air balloons!

Jenny LaBo said...

Who are those tall girls?!! They are growing up so much.
I am so glad you guys had such a great weekend!

Laurie said...

I do love hot air balloons. I wouldn't mind trying out the skydiving thing least once. :)

Mammy said...

Did James see his picture on the Barakel website with his tribe? Real cute or should I say "cool".