Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Took a Break

Well, I took a blogging break for a while. So I'll try and catch you up on what's been going on.

During the week of the 4th, James and I went to Saginaw and hung out with Mom, Dad and Chris. It was nice! Of course Mom and I spent a lot of the time getting ready for a bridal shower for Jen Gamez. It was fun to do and the shower turned out really nice.

This last weekend, we left the kids with Mom and Dad and went away for our 1 Anniversary!! Can you believe it's been one year? So much happened in the last year it's crazy. We went to Windsor Canada solely because it was a REALLY good deal and it was away. We really enjoyed ourselves and learned something new. 5 pin bowling. It's a Canadian thing. Fun, and I do a lot better at that than regular bowling. :)

Last Monday we went to Stephanie's house for a shower for Ben and Kelly. It was so much fun!! Kelly looks really good and it was nice to see them.

I forgot my camera everywhere I went, so no pictures. Sorry!


Mom said...

Hey Pamo!
In your "About Me" section of this blog it says you are newly married in July!
Did James eat brocoli tonight?
Love you!

Pam said...

I know. I leave it there to bug you :)

And yes, both James' ate it tonight.

Mom said...

What did you put it in?

Pam said...

The kids love it steamed with a little bit of butter. BIg James is another thing, but he still eats it.