Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sartuday So Far

Today Dad and Mom came down with the boat and we took it out for a test run before vacation. The kids had a blast!!! They of course got the drive the boat and we spent a little bit of time fishing. Too hot for even the fish to come up to the top of the water. All in all and great time was had by all of us.

Hannah driving the boat fast with Pappy.

Hannah loved to do what I always did, hang your hands in the water while the boats driving. Nice and wet and cool.

James took care of us all by keeping us in the shad with the lovely umbrella Mom brought.

The second half of our day is going to be spent at Comerica park watching the Tigers from the 2nd row 3rd baseline. We love free tickets!! I'll post some pictures of that later, or tomorrow.


Kara said...

What a great day! I would love to zip around in the boat!

Alright Cathy- where did you get the umbrella? I looked for one before we went to Caseville and came up empty handed.

Cathy said...

Florida! Sorry, Kara.

TraceyLD said...

I didn't know your parents had a boat.

Saturday was a perfect day to be out boating.

When do you leave for vacation?

Pam said...

Dad's had the boat longer that I've been alive, or close to it. It's old but still very fun!
We're leaving for vacation in 2 weeks. I can't wait!!!!

Chris said...

Sartuday is spelled Saturday! :)