Friday, September 14, 2007

Our Busy Days

Well, our days have been quite busy since school started. The kids love their school and teachers. We have two evenings a week for an hour a shot, Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics practice. They have it at the same facility at the same time so for this year, their schedules work out good.

Here's a picture of them in their gear.

Baby update. At nearly 15 weeks, I'm just now starting to get a belly that is more baby than me :) Which, makes the clothing thing hard. I'm not full on into maternity clothes, but all my regular clothes don't fit right.

Had my appointment today and so far I have LOST 12 pounds. I'm sure it's because I have had, and still have, morning sickness. It's not as frequent as before which is nice :)

Baby is healthy and strong. So far I have had an ultrasound every visit so I get to see my little one often.

So that's it. Life is busy but good.


Kelly Glupker said...

How come they are doing so many ultrasounds? Do you plan on finding out the gender?

Jenny LaBo said...

so how about some Pam pictures!!!

Pam said...

Kelly, They did the first two because of my age, first pregnancy, I'm considered "high risk". Today they did one because they weren't able to find a heartbeat at first so they did an ultrasound to make sure all was well. It was. :)
We're not sure yet if we're going to find out. We'll see next month.

Jen, no Pam pics until you can tell I'm pregnant and not just getting chubby :)

Kelly Glupker said...

They did an early ultrasound for me too (9 weeks) because I was considered high risk as well due to the PCOS. We couldn't hear the heartbeat with the doppler either (which is not uncommon at 9 weeks) so they wanted to do an ultrasound to be safe. Didn't you LOVE hearing your baby's heart beat? It's amazing!!!! You'll look forward to hearing it at every appointment.
By the way, I have heard that taking Flintstone vitamins in place of prenatal vitamins still gives you the nutrients you need but helps with the nausea. I believe this is what Aubrey Teall does.

Kara said...

oh just think, a couple more weeks and you'll be feeling the baby move!

Love your outfits, Hannah and James! So glad you like your teachers and your school.

Pam said...

I have been taking the children's vitamins since my first Dr's appointment. Unfortunately, I just take after my mom and get sick. Blah!

Laurie said...

My sister can't swallow pills, so her doctor said is was okay for her to just take 2 flintstones a day. She is also getting an ultrasound at every appointment. Glad to hear everything is going well.

Phil Luter said...

I was teaching Algebra at Grace Christian School this week for Lyle McAuley. One of the girls asked if I was related to Pam Luter Wickman. She said she has been reading your blog, but didn't know you. She said she linked to it from Mrs. Glupker's (Kelly) blog and just realized that you were a Luter. Just thought I would let you know that you may be read by people you are unaware of and don't know. By the way, tell the kids they look pretty cool in their outfits.