Monday, October 22, 2007

Not My Usual

This isn't my usual kind of blog. I leave these to Kelly :).
Anyway, I help at the elementary school on Monday afternoons doing whatever office work needs to be done. (copying, laminating, binding, etc..) I have heard Hannah for the last two weeks talk about how "cool" her friends dress. They get to wear make-up, short skirts, big earrings. On and on. Mind you she is second grade.
Today I met their mothers. No wonder these little girls dress that way! Their mothers were dressed so inappropriate I felt embarrassed for them! The mothers wearing low cut, tight clothing meant for a teenager in the first place. Where are their daughters going to learn modesty?? I'm all for dressing your age. Not like an old lady, or out of style, but there are a lot of clothes out there that cover yourself up and not leave you on display for every child and teacher to have to try and avoid.
I have already been teaching Hannah about modesty. Not teaching her that I want her to be out of style, but rather pleasing God even in her dress. I pray for these little girls in her class that don't know anything about modesty and have no example. What is their teenage life going to be like? Mothers, we are an example of what our girls are going to dress like. What we allow in moderation, they will want in excess.
Sorry to go on about a subject that we have all heard about many times. I just feel that it is so important even for our little ones. Thanks for letting me say it again. :)


Jenny LaBo said...

I completely agree with you Pam. I just can't believe how people dress their little girls. It's disgusting how they dress themselves as well. It is so sad to see what kind of attention they want. While we women who love the Lord crave HIS approval and attention for doing what HE wants and being modest vs. seeking men's glances and attention.
Bravo Pam for teaching her early!

Kara said...

You tell it, Pam!

So far I've only run into sweatshirts and sweatpants at Rachel's school. Thank goodness.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

It is so sad to see/hear our little girls already talking about clothes, earrings etc. It makes me sick when I cant find a decent dress or skirt for a 5 year old. Everything has to be so short. I feel there is just no such thing as modesty any more. Shame on those moms that come dressed for the bar seen or something, were do these little girls get their examples ?
turtle necks and long dresses, good ol prairie days :) hee hee ok maybe not that drastic. Can still dress them cute but modest

Kelly Glupker said...

When your child is in public school you can at least try to explain to them that the other girls dress the way they do because they don't know God and we need to be a good example to them. It is extremely frustrating when you see this same kind of behavior in Christian school and even in the church. When Christian moms won't set the example and "teach the younger" then we are really in trouble. Unfortunately, this is all too common. I think a lot of us Christian women fall into this trap - sometimes without even knowing it. We think our girls look "cute" in their little bikinis. But at what age does it become immodest rather than "cute"? We need to be careful what we let our little ones wear and not assume that they don't understand. Sorry Pam, you're right. I get going on stuff like this.

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

And this is why I was hoping for a boy...:)

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Sad to say but we cant always say they dont know God because they dress like that. Like you said Kelly too many Christian moms dont set an example. Really public school or not they still both deal with same issues, what a great mission field for those that go to public !!
Bikinis yes cute and there does come an age when some are not appropriate but styles are the biggest thing. Olivia can wear one but now thats she is older she will where a modest one at that :) Teaching moments with clothes !!!!

Kelly Glupker said...

Please don't think I am trying to say that all public school kids don't know God. That was not my intent. I was just trying to point out that in Christian schools we always assume everybody's a Christian and therefore the way they dress is okay. That is not the case. Whereas in a public school, one would not assume everybody is a believer like you would in a Christian environment.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

So true Kelly I do very much agree :)