Friday, December 21, 2007

A Visit from James Brother

As most of you know, James doesn't exactly have a "normal" family life. This past year though, James has really tried hard to have a relationship with his brother Luke again. God has answered prayer and they have been able to spend some time together despite the fact that Luke and his girlfriend recently moved to North Carolina. Luke really is a sweet guy, especially with the kids. The biggest blessing is we(kids too!) have been able to share God's love with him, who like so many people need it desperately. When you read this, please think to pray for James and his brother that their relationship would begin to grow again (they were close as kids but not adults). It would be so awesome to see him come to know the Lord.


Kara said...

That's great that he could come for a visit! We will pray for him.

Phil Luter said...

Family are sometimes the hardest to witness to. But most people are introduced to Christ by family or close friends. We will pray.

Amanda said...

My caseys uncle passed away at 70yrs or so. We had all been praying and tried to share God with him and his wife several times, and when he passed we were so worried. At his funeral it was so great to hear how other people had been praying and leading him too. We think he did except God. Just keep praying and remeber you've got help!