Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No More Pregnant Pics

Well, I went to the Doctor today and he told me I am SWOLLEN!!!! I almost said "Duh" out loud. My blood pressure is low, my protiens are fine, I'm just retaining fluid. Yuck! So I decided I don't want any more pics taken.
Other than that, I'm doing really well and so is baby. We go Friday for our last ultrasound to measure him and see how much fluid is in there. I can't wait! It seems like forever since I've seen a picture of him. Now I just can't wait to get him out here to snuggle. I'm not at all ready for that yet, body wise, or so the Dr. said today. This is the same Dr. that said I would be having the baby really early for sure. Mentally and at home I am ready. The "nursery" is all set up. Which means our upstairs hallway is all set up for baby :)


Kelly Glupker said...

You should still take pictures of yourself! That way, after you have the baby and THINK you're still big, you can look back at the pictures and remind yourself that you're not as big as you once were (even if you do feel like you are). Just a suggestion. :) Being swollen is no fun. I hope you're not hurting yet. I don't know why doctors try to tell us when we are going to have our babies. It just gets our hopes up. They'll come when they're ready. I hope these next few weeks fly by for you. You're in for the best and sweetest days of your life.

Kara said...

I agree with Kelly, you still need to take photos of yourself, even if you're not going to share them with us. :(
I can't wait to see you again, you'll probably have a baby in your arms by then!!!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

will be praying that the next few weeks or so will pass quickly for you ! Maybe they will say he has to come early because of all the extra fluid, that was one of many reasons why olivia came early.
praying for patience and for you to be comfortable :)
love you

Laurie said...

I agree, take pictures even if they are just for your eyes only. Drink LOTS of water and put your feet up...I know easier said than done. I'll keep praying for you. :)

Kelly Glupker said...

Oh, and another thing. You can't be that swollen if you didn't even know it until the doctor told you! Even if you don't feel good, that doesn't mean you don't look it either.

Pam said...

Oh the Doctor didn't have to tell me I was swollen, I guess I worded that wrong. He confirmed what every one can see :)

Amanda said...

Everybody swells! I carried sooo much water with andrew when my water broke it ran over the bed and down the hall!!! Literally the docs and nurses jumped off my bed! I will post some prego pics for you! You will lose it all the day or two after. You'll feel soo much better hang in there!

Sarah Glupker said...


You've waited a LOOOOOONG time for this little guy....You'll be just fine, and I"m praying the delivery goes well for you. I'm still SO excited for you both (but maybe just a tinge more for you!). Can't wait to meet the little babuschka.