Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day Oneish

I feel like I lost a day so I'm out of sorts on what day it is.

Evan, my sweet little boy is so much more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Right now Grandma Luter is rocking him into a nice little coma so he will sleep soundly for hours.
I don't have any pictures yet as the only laptop I can use up here is James' work one and it doesn't allow any uploads. There will be many many on Friday. I hope you can all wait until then.

Hannah and James are super excited about the new brother. Hannah is a little mommy and little James is so tender and gentle and anxious to teach him about frogs. They are going to be a big help and at the same time so fun to watch with him.

So, the labor and c-section were rough. I was all out of it yesterday, but am feeling quite spry today. I'm waiting for the pain to kick in. Although I didn't plan a c-section God's hand was working as always. Evan's little living space was breaking down quickly. I would do it the same way all over again to have him healthy and perfect.

Grandpa Luter went home this evening to take care of a few things and teach his group at church. I think he went home to brag about his little grandbaby, and would you blame a Grandpa??
Uncle Chris and Great Grandma made the trip down yesterday to meet him. Of course Chris our resident snuggler got Evan to snuggle and cuddle with him. Today Evan sported his new Tigers gear from Uncle Chris. I took picures and will post Friday. Great Grandma held him and cried. This is her first great grandchild she has been able to cuddle with. Robin and Jim will have to take on all the Grandma and Grandpa snuggles to Alison. If Betsy is anything like me, she has been enjoying watching all the grandparents love on their baby in their own special Grandma and Grandpa way. I couldn't imagine having Evan NOT having that special time. Aaron you must have enjoyed the last year because if your Mom is like my Mom, and I know she is, she has loved that little one to pieces. I think the transition of my parents to grandparents of a little baby is one of the most special things I have ever experienced.

Enough about grandparents, the next post I will let you in on James and my little new parenting world.
We Love you all!! I have felt your prayers daily and have so many times thanked the Lord for all of you Family and Friends alike.


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

it was so great to see all the pics on your dads site ! what a special time to have your grandma able to come down to see him. there is something about having a great grandparent there to share in such a wonderful time. so you were up showering your dad said, dont you feel like a new woman !!! showers do wonders :) i am sure your looking forward to getting home to your own space. he is such a lil punkin and anxiously waiting to see him.
love you and sleep well xoxoxox

Kelly Glupker said...

Glad you're doing well. Unfortunately I won't be able to see your pictures for another 10 days or so. We leave Friday morning - unless you can manage to post pictures before 9:00 a.m. Can you work that out for me? :)

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

by the way isnt it great to have mom there to keep you company and also to spoil that little one. again something even more special to have mom there to share in these first new moments of learning. i remember calling my mom day after day and even 3-4 times each day. i still call her often with all those mom questions. your relationship with your mom will grow stronger than you can ever imagine. these are the days they have waited for, their children with their own children.

manda said...

Yeah Pam you are doing great! Your up and around and giving glorying to God. I think I was pretty out of it for awhile. Casey remebered things about the days events that I never did. IT was strange. So glad to hear everything is going well.

Jenny LaBo said...

Pam it's so nice of you to blog for us. You have been on my mind often these past couple of days. I am so glad that you are doing well. Thanks for sharing these moments. :)
I saw Chris on his facebook profile. He looks so happy! Evan looks like a cuddler to me. I am not sure what feature says that to me but I hope it is true.
Love you Pammie Pam!

The Neals said...

Pam - thanks for sharing your story! I promise, each day is exponentially better than the previous when it comes to c-section recovery. let those nurses serve you! as degrading as it might feel, you'll want that kind of help when you get home, and it won't be there. so eat it up! that's what they're trained to do. i'm so excited for the experience you're having. about twice a week, my dad calls and asks if "there is a baby he can come over to hold." last night was one of those. he walks around my living room and looks at her in the mirror about one hundred times. the way he looks and talks makes me melt. i have truly enjoyed watching my dad turn into a grandpa. i'm sure your dad is just the same way! we can't wait to meet this little guy. i'll stop writing now...

Kara said...

Wow, spry is not a word I was expecting you to use, that is wonderful! So how is the food at the hospital? Casey always looks forward to the chicken quesadillas at Covenant. What a goofball.
Can't wait to see Evan at Laurie's shower!!!

Nana & Papa Schwab said...

HAPPPPPY HAPPPY DAY !!!!!! We are so happy for you all. I cant belive you are feeling like blogging, but I am glad you are.
He is soooo precious. God is GREAT!! Praying for strength and comfort to you and a good nights sleep for James.
Deb & Greg

Laurie said...

Pam, I'm glad to hear you're doing so much better. Evan is such a handsome little guy, can't wait to see more pictures.