Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March - The Month of Miracles

That's what the kids have labeled March for our family. It truly has been a month of miracles.

This is the conversation in the back seat on Sunday....

James 4 - Mom, this is the month of miracles!

Hannah - Yep! 3 of them happened!

Mom - 3?

James 4 - Evan was born, Our house in Ann Arbor sold......and um.......

Hannah - Mom can button up her coat!!

We took Evan to church for the first time on Sunday. Of course he stayed with us. He did super! The nursery won't even take little ones under 6 weeks. Here is Evan is his Sunday outfit. Of course it's big, but isn't he handsome?

Daddy grabs Evan up when he gets home from work and this is how they hang out until dinner is ready. I think all Dad's do that. I know my mom has pictures of us sleeping on our dad after work.
Last week Mom and Dad brought Grandma Spear down. Of course Evan got plenty of attention. This is proof that he wasn't held the whole time :) Isn't this a cute picture? I love how my Mom and Grandma even match. I'm so glad Evan will get to know his Great Grandma. I know she's pretty special to me, and will be to him as well.

We can't wait to come to Saginaw this weekend. See you soon!


Kara said...

pam, we talk about that all the time! We still have 3 great-grandmas left, Casey's grandma passed away a year or so ago, but I have several pics of her with the kids sleeping on her, so precious.

manda said...

Way to go kid!! A grandma at each hand!!! Lucky boy!

manda said...

Oh, and congrats on the button too! Woooo Hoooo

chris k said...

Evan on his shoulder is a cute picture. I love those pictures because the babies always seem so "snug as a bug" I have one of my dad with both kids sleeping in a recliner chair. By the way, were you wearing a matching mom outfit that day too?

Anonymous said...

Pam...He is precious! I love the picture of your mom and grandma.
Rachael will be here this weekend with Leah and Annalise. She is coming on Friday since Matt is in Africa. Maybe we will get to see you.

Aunt Suzie

TraceyLD said...

Looking forward to meeting Evan this weekend! He is so precious.