Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Evan

Just thought you all needed some new pictures. I know my mom needs them often :)

Evan changes just about every day. It is so fun to watch! God has blessed us with such a good baby. He's a wonderful sleeper,5 hours at a time at night! A good eater. He also has the cutest smiles, they are just really quick and our camera is really slow.

He loves to be read to and Hannah is very eager to read to him. This morning she was up early and read to him while I got ready. He wiggled and kicked the whole time. This of course thrills big sister too. She is SO GOOD with him. What a blessing to have my kids love their new brother so much.

He also figured out this week that if he wiggles in his bouncy seat the lights and music come on. He really enjoys the lights. It's so funny to watch him be surprised when they come on over and over.

We love our boy!

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Kara said...

Hannah, I knew you would be a wonderful big sis to Evan. Keep reading, he's soaking it all in!