Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 Months Old Today!

Our sweet boy Evan is 2 months old today!

He's really filling out, which is a nice way of saying he's getting chubby :) Let's say he's eating well. The blanket behind him in the picture is his "welcome to the nursery" blanket. They don't take babies before 6 weeks and when they are old enough the nursery director gives you the blanket with the nursery guidelines. I thought that was pretty nice. After today's service of burps, grunts, filling his pants and then crying, he is ready for the nursery next week.


chris k said...

Two months old already? That is a very good idea for the nursery babies. He is not getting chubby, he's nourished. Enjoy the last few weeks of school.

Chris said...

Evan always seems to stick his tongue out when he smiles!! Great picture of James and Evan.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! :)

Pam said...

Chris K. - I'm enjoying the last weeks of school, but I always enjoy summer more when the kids are home all day. They keep me laughing all day!
Chris - wouldn' your tongue hang out too if you didn't have teeth to hold it in?? :)

Kara said...

He looks perfect, I would like to see some of his rolls in person, though. :)