Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gym Jam

I have my camera! So the next few posts are going to be catching up on what I wanted to blog, but couldn't.

Last night Hannah had her final gymnastics. They call it Gym Jam and it's like mini Olympics. She really has improved and is GOOD! She loves it and works very hard at it. It helps that she can bend like Gumby too. Mom and Dad came down to watch her and she was waving at them every two minutes to make sure they were watching her.

This video is her "signature move". She's the only one in her class that could do it. She sure practiced! We are very proud of all her hard work this year.

Her coach was great and he was such an encourager.


Kara said...

That was amazing! I never even learned how to do a cart wheel. Good job, Hannah!

The Speer's said...

It's great that she can do something she enjoys and she looks very happy. Great job.

chris k said...

Great job Hannah! Is she part elastic? What a great signature move.

Chris said...

Awesome Hannah!! I wish I could have come down to see your program. Maybe next time.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

what a super star !!! Olivia played your video 3 times and thought wow how cool, olivia is working on that herself. Great job, keep it up maybe someday we will see you in the olympics :)
love you all !!

Jenny LaBo said...

Great Job Hannah!!!!