Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

We had a wonderful weekend at my parents. Going to spend a weekend at the pool is a vacation for the kids :) They loved it!

We spent the day outdoors playing games, enjoying the flowers, and watching the kids swim. Oh and I can't forget the chicken on the grill. What an adventure. They have a rotisserie but it wouldn't rotate. So while Chris and Dad figured out why, James stood and turned the chicken :) What a hoot! We did eventually get some really good food.

Evan went to his first fireworks. I expected him to cry during the booms, but he was so still. James held him and he just sat there watching every firework. It was precious.

Angie went with us and she is probably still recovering from trying to hear all that Hannah had to say :) You're a good sport Angie!!


chris k said...

Love the star glasses on Hannah. I seriously cannot believe that Evan did not cry with the fireworks! They are pretty loud. Also, did anyone figure out what was wrong with the rotisserie? :)

Kara said...

I could go for some chicken on the grill!
Yes, Hannah, love the glasses. Hey, not much longer til your birthday. :)

amber said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Jackson begged for the cool glasses, etc. at the fireworks. Unfortunately, his parents aren't as nice as Hannah's!

Pam said...

Oh, their parents aren't that nice either. I bought the glow band things at the dollar store, and Grandma got the glasses a few weeks prior. We're way too cheap to buy that stuff there :)
The chicken, not to brag, but I took one look and said, don't the grates need to be removed so there is room to turn?? That was the problem.