Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Rained, and Rained, and Rained and........

What a wet weekend! Despite the near continual rain Saturday and Sunday we had a good time. We got to know some of our new church family a lot better and that made the rain worth it. Friday was really nice and we spent a few hours playing at the beach.

We spent some time with our friends the Lamperts around their campfire and watched an absolutely beautiful sunset on Saturday.
I can't possible forge the highlight of the weekend for James IV. The blue spotted salamander that made it's home under our tent. It was pretty cute.

All in all. FUN!!


Phil Luter said...

Camping in Michigan is always a gamble. Glad you had a good time. We sure enjoyed having your little guy all to ourselves. It is good to see you are making new friends at your church.

chris k said...

I thought of you all during the rain over the weekend. I'm sure glad that you had fun and made some friends. The little critter was probably worth the trip, too. I had fun with Evan on Sunday...what a happy little guy!

Kara said...

Beautiful sunset. And that is one sweet salamander. Adam probably has some bugs he could feed it.

TraceyLD said...

I didn't know we had salamanders in Michgian. Then again, I've never looked.
The kids found some kind of lizard thing here this week. No picture..My camera is not working.
What it is with rain this year. It has rained at least once every day this week that we have been camping if not more than once. We didn't pack enough sweat shirts and long pants.
Love the sunset!
Camping is great, even if it does rain. It doesn't stop the relationships from growning.