Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Spicers Orchard

The kids and I went to Spicers Orchard up the road yesterday with the intention of picking blueberries. It was so hot, and the blueberries were the same price picked as picking them ourselves, so we skipped the picking. I think we got such a good price because the owners really like James III. :)

So, we went to the petting zoo. We watched the pregnant goat try and get around. Kara I'm not comparing you to a goat, but this poor Mama goat looked hot, miserable, hungry and ready to have her baby. Sound familiar?

We then went to the play area. They have a great one. A wooden train, hay maze in the barn, zip lines, tractors to ride and all the "regular playground stuff. Hannah and James played train robbery for a couple hours. James has been reading "Hank the Cow dog" books a lot lately and his mind was in the old west. They were hilarious as they spent the afternoon running from "the law".

All in all, a wonderful afternoon completed by homemade muffins with our purchase. Hannah said I was like a Magazine Mom making homemade "pretty muffins". I think I need to do homemade stuff more so it's not such a big deal.

Poor Evan, he just sat and played. No blueberried yet for him. He has fun though with Mommy.


amber said...

What a fun day! Looks like everyone had fun - Evan is a good sport!

Kara said...

Is Evan cranky at all with the heat? I know a lot of babies are. And the muffins look so yummy, I didn't put enough blueberries in my last ones, I need to write that down on the recipe so I don't skimp next time.

Kara said...

Oh, and yes I feel just like that goat! I even plucked a goat-like hair off my chin today.

Pam said...

No, he's not cranky in the heat. In fact, if he's not really hungry, wet or really tired he doesn't cry or whine. We are blessed with such a good boy.

TraceyLD said...

The muffins look great. I want to get out and pick some myself. Maybe in the next few days if it's not too hot.
Kids looked like they had fun.