Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Guys, My mom just sent me this e-mail from Robyn with an update. Rather than try to relay the whole thing, I just copied and pasted it. I hope Robyn doesn't mind. I know she wouldn't.
Sounds like there are going to be some great stories when they get back!!! Keep on praying.

Hello all- I am just writing a report to let you all know that everyone arrived safely yesterday morning, ahead of schedule- surprising for PNG. :-)
They were TRUE troopers. We went to a second hand clothing store and some were able to get a few clothes items to wear while their others ones were being washed and dried. :-) They even managed to stay up till 9 p.m.!!! Yesterday was very busy and nothing happened on schedule- it was kind of a "go with the flow" day- but in the midst of that, some of the team got to go on an ocean run in one of the boats here on center and Chris caught a HUGE ocean fish- that we will enjoy tonite on the Barbeque. :-)
Well, day 2 and I'm off to breakfast. Just wanted you all to know that they arrived safely and their luggage is due to come in on one of the 2 flights from Port Moresby! Pray that they do!!! :-) I know we will have some very excited folks as well as a very relieved conference planner ;)!!!!> > > > Lots of love,> > Robyn

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Jenny LaBo said...

I can hardly wait to see pictures!!!!!