Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Some Updates

Well, the PNG team got their luggage, ate a nice crocodile and rice dinner and went ocean fishing. So far. Tomorrow, (or it is today?) they start the conference. They so far have been able to be blessings by handling small repairs, food preparation and other duties. Oh did I mention they have fruit bats there the size of tom cats? To quote dad. They eat them!! I would sturggle with those. Keep them in your prayers.

Because they may get to see my blog, I have to keep grandpa updated. Evan can now pull himself to standing postition and loves doing so in the laundry basket! James has to keep his leg there to keep it from tipping over.

Evan zonked on the couch. I told James while I ran to the store to keep him awake so he could get back to his routine. Sunday's are killer for a routine. This is how I found him. Oh well. Yes, that's a big drool mark on the pillow. Just like Mommy :)


amber said...

I'm so glad they got their luggage and are ready to go! I'm sure grandpa will appreciate the pictures!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

how sweet :)
and such a big boy pulling himself up !

The Neals said...

wow - i can't believe he's pulling himself up already! annelise just started doing that. and we understand how crazy sundays are on the schedule. every sunday is a battle between mommy and daughter to stay in the nursery, take good naps and be happy in the process!

glad to see you're dad made it safe!

Kara said...

The bat thing just grossed me out. I wonder what they taste like?

I can't believe he's pulling himself up either!