Friday, September 12, 2008

Popcorn Goes to School

James was the special student of the week this week. His class has an Austrailian theme right now so technically he was the Aussie of the week. Since it was his week he got to bring in show and tell. So, he brought his snake Popcorn in.

He was really cute. He had to stand in front and tell about the kind of snake, what it on. Kids had a time to ask questions. I think they all asked what it eats. Mice, which got a big round of GROSS! from the girls. He then got to take it around to the kids that wanted to pet her. He was so proud. Notice his Dad in the background. Yep, he had to come from work to bring the snake in. No way was I doing it! I told James that if wanted a snake that was fine. If he didn't take care of it or feed it, it will die because I'm not going near it!!


Kelly Glupker said...

So how did this snake get the name "Popcorn"? Do tell.

Kara said...

What kind of snake is Popcorn?
He is so cute in front of the class!

Pam said...

Popcorn is a corn snake. As James would say....Get it? He was trying to be creative with it. And I think he did pretty good. Oh and it's a girl so he wanted a name for a girl that wasn't too girly.

chris k said...

Show and tell is always a great thing. A snake...I'm with you. It would die before I came around it or threw a mouse in to feed it.