Monday, October 06, 2008

Bits of Our Weekend

Another perfect fall football game. The weather was a little cool but it was PERFECT for watching.
Hannah was the perfect cheerleader. She really is good and has a great time doing it. I love watching her! James won his football game and even made a great play!! He got to run to ball and make a 1st down. (I think, I had to work the merchandise table and only heard about it.) I'm bummed I missed it.
Grandma and Evan saw it ALL!! Until Evan fell asleep.
Of course James saw everything. He's the announcer for their games and does a great job. Have you heard his announcer voice??
Yesterday was perfect fall weather again. So, Hannah, Evan and I donned our shades and took a nice walk in the sunshine.
All in all and super weekend!


Jenny LaBo said...

What a great family weekend! Looks like a great time to be had :):)

Phil Luter said...

Great job kids! Wish I could have seen it all. Instead I spent almost 24 hours travelling (48 hours if you count the trip from PNG to Australia). I am still recovering.

Chris said...

I hope that next weekend is just as nice...I plan on coming down on Saturday, if that is okay! :)

Kara said...

I would go to a game just to hear James do the announcing!
The kids are so cute and getting so big! I hope Hannah and James are doing well in school. I got a call from the teacher today (about Adam of course). He needs to work on obeying directions. I told her I can't work miracles.