Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm behind

I'm way behind in my blogging. We have been pretty busy with just daily life but now that football and cheer leading are done we have our evenings back. Hip Hip Hooray!!
We get to carve our pumpkins from grandpa tonight. They are HUGE and are going to be really fun!!

We went last weekend for a quick trip to Saginaw. Amber took some pictures of the kids in their uniforms before they had to turn in their uniforms later that day. Talk about waiting until the last minute. Amber does such a great job at capturing our kids being themselves that it's worth the drive. Plus we got to visit grandma!! This high chair that Evan's in was my moms and all her siblings when they were little. Grandma Spear has kept it and put a new cover on it recently and Evan really loves it.
The whole team plus cheerleaders after the last game. James is number 63 and Hannah is the 3rd cheerleader from the left. It was so cold we had Evan in a lot of blankets. He zonked out on Grandma. They went out with a win!! Yippee Hartland!

Evan has been quite the busy boy since he started crawling. How many times in a day can you say "no"??? Isn't it always more fun to play under the excersaucer instead of in it? :)


Kelly Glupker said...

I'm always impressed with kids who crawl, since mine still doesn't! :)
And, just so you know, I've been waiting for weeks to see Jame's carved pumpkin. I'm sure he won't disappoint me.

Jenny LaBo said...

He is so cute in that blanket!!!!
I can hardly wait to see Amber's pictures. She does such a great job!

Kara said...

Love his little eyelashes in his sleeping picture. :) And of course the CHEEKS!
We are going out trick-or-treating down our street, then going over to Barb's for a bit. So if you do come by we won't be home till a bit later.

chris k said...

We are rejoicing with you at having our evenings back. Life at home is just a little less hectic. Can't wait to see the jack o' lanterns!

TraceyLD said...

Evan is so cute!
I bet the pictures turned out great that Amber took.