Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For - Last Day

The many many things and events that make my life more abundant!

Hugs and Kisses before bed from little people.
Notes on my pillow from my husband.
Snow days to stay in PJ's for hours then play in the snow all day.
Warm clothes when it's cold outside.
Hartland. We really do love living here.
Our church, old and new.
Old Friends. Who knows you better and still loves you despite it? I have been so blessed to have some terrific life long friends.
New Friend. We need them and are so blessed by our new friendships.
Lotion. Seems silly but I am so dry in the winter and I love lotion.
Pajamas. So comfy. It's tempting to wear them all day long.
Good books. Reading is a treat these days with time to myself being next to none.
Blogging. I love being able to keep in touch with everyone. I feel so a part of lives that I wouldn't being so far away.

The list could go on and on because God has blessed me so much!!

Now we are off to Mom and Dad's for the weekend. Old friends....I'll see you on Sunday in church!!!

1 comment:

Kara said...

Yeah! See you in a couple days!
I like that you like lotion. :) That was funny to me for some reason!