Saturday, December 27, 2008

We're Having a Great Time

What a great Christmas we have been having. I'll post much more tomorrow or Monday as we are still at Mom and Dad' home until tomorrow.
-Evan's first Christmas and not knowing what to do with a present.
-Hannah trying to figure out how in the world I knew that she wrote a letter to Santa wanting the Chronicles of Narnia. (mom's just know things)
-James being so proud that he used his own money to buy something he really wanted. A Nintendo DS. It's so nice to see your kids save for something they really want and be able to get it when you just can't afford it.
-Big James getting a new much needed and prayed for winter coat.
-Dad reading the Gift of the Magi to my kids for the first time. We all cry.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Lots of love shown to family all because of the Savior and His love for us.


chris k said...

So glad that your family is able to enjoy the holidays together. I enjoyed rocking Evan. Although, I was doubting your wise advice in the beginning.

The McNamara's said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas. I love Evan's new Elmo Pj's.