Monday, January 05, 2009

Jenny is So Fun!

Jenny and my kids. They are truly the ultimate Creepy Crawler fan club. Your bug, lizard and snake pictures were a big hit.

Mmmmmmm Jimmy John's. We love Jimmy Johns! What better sandwich to pour your heart out over?

Josh and Jenny. What more can I say?

Kara, Me, Jenny. Make me miss Friday nights....but not enough to go back to those single days.
I had a Christmas treat this year getting to spend a whole afternoon with Jenny. We even got to go to lunch, the two of us! No husbands, no kids....ahhhh.
My family also got to enjoy her. She brought rattlesnake rattles for the Creepy Crawly Fan Club and showed us pictures of her home that is truly a gift from God. It is beautiful!
Thanks Jenny for coming to hang with me.

Oh, my bonus treat?? Jenny and Josh organized pizza after Sunday church and we all got to chat and eat. Good Times!!!


chris k said...

Hooray. Meeting with good friends is always a good day. Also, on the book situation...our librarian, who is wonderful, said that she felt your pain. Her suggestion was to read the Newberry Award winners even though some may be a little under her reading level. She said she would keep looking around. Tough age.

Sarah Glupker said...

nothing like a day hanging out with girlfriends....Yep, you're right. Jenny is a "cool beans" kind of person.

Jenny LaBo said...

Pam I had so much fun with you. It was so great to spend some time with you!
Thanks Sarah!