Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Valentines Ideas - Right.

I got an e-mail that had "Top 10 Valentines Ideas" as the title. As I read them I just started laughing! Although some would be really fun, most are so totally unreal I just giggle. So....I added my commentary :)

Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good romantic Valentines day, but enjoy every day just as much with my awesome hubby.

1. Call your honey just to say, "I love you." - Then he asks what's wrong because I never call him at work and he assumes that something must be on fire.

2. Pamper your loved one with a luxurious gift. - Where does that money come from??

3. Throw an intimate party for just the two of you.- Or five of us? :)

4. Say "I love you" with flowers!- I'd actually like this one

5. Plan a trip to a place neither of you have been. - Sounds fun, this year it would have to be to the new dollar store in Brighton.

6. Make a special dinner for a special night.- I do that all the time!! I need to stop and save the good meals for Valentines Day

7. Dance all night long.- HA HA HA HA HA!! Although this year, James is taking me to the church Valentines event for couples that is a dinner/dance.

8. Get your love something he or she will love.- Duh.

9. Curl up with a special someone and watch a romantic movie.- Only to be awoken to my own snoring and ESPN because I fell asleep.

10. Paint portraits of each other.- HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! I cannot laugh hard enough!!!


amber said...

I love your comments!!!

Kara said...

PAM!!! You are on a roll today!!!!
ESPECIALLY enjoyed the dollar store comment. Sounds about right.

Amanda said...

#6 Is sooo truee!!!! Those are funny!!

chris k said...

Loved it!!! Great thoughts. Where does the money come from for luxurious gifts? What exactly is a luxurious gift? Would that be different for everyone? My luxurious gift would be one whole day to myself to do anything that I pleased...which is free. Hmmm...I may have to rethink my luxurious gift!
Thanks for the laugh tonight Pam. Enjoy your dance and know that we are expecting pictures of you both doing the hustle!

Jenny LaBo said...

So funny!

Kelly Glupker said...

Your comments were hilarious, Pam. I especially loved the dollar store comment. #10 is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!