Saturday, March 07, 2009

Oranges and Outside

Evan has two new favorites. He LOVES oranges. He cries when they are all gone.

I took him outside yesterday. Couldn't get him to look at the camera. Too much new stuff to try out. He walked around and around. He finally settled in this spot and tried out the pinecones. What a funny kid.


TraceyLD said...

What a great day yesterday! I don't want to go back to winter.
I'm glad you went outside. Today with it being raining and grey inside is a great place to be. My girls played until dark last night. They had their rain boots on and their coats are in the washer as I'm writing.
I'm glad Evan likes oranges. Better fruit and veggies than candy. I'm sure he enjoys a good sucker every now and then too.

chris k said...

Love the oranges photo! Who can beat exploring in the outside?

Anonymous said...

Well! What do ya know. The little guy loves oranges. It wouldn't be because his mom couldn't get enough oranges when she was pregant. Now what do ya say, Pam? But, I don't remember you eating pine cones??? ~Mom

Sarah Glupker said...

Pam eats pinecones??!!!?? The things I learn about people through their blog's amazing I tell ya'.
Hey Pa-mella--
I'm heading down your way on Wednesday of this coming week. Anything going on?


TraceyLD said...

Pam...It was great to see you guys this morning. Your plans must have changed because the kids did not make it to T-N-T time. We were looking forward to having them in our class. We did have a new student tonight. A family that visited this AM came and brought the whole family tonight.

Pam said...

Tracey - You're right. Plans did change. That dumb time change really throws off kids. They were exhausted! Sorry to miss you.

Sarah G. - Come down! As I said before, you are always welcome :)

Laurie said...

I'll have to try oranges with Addie, too fun.