Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A couple of Special Days

I felt so honored to have a couple special days with Hannah. She had a "tea party" at church with all the girls from her Awana TNT group and their "someone special".
I never assume Hannah is going to ask me to go to these type of things. She has options and I let her choose. We had a special time Saturday morning and enjoyed ourselves!
This is Hannah and her BFF Natalie

Tuesday we went to the Detroit Zoo on a field trip with her class. I was surprised she asked me to go, but quickly made arrangements for Evan. WE HAD A BLAST! Although it was misty in the early morning, we persevered. The animals were all out and playing in the cool weather. The polar bears really put on a show playing with each other. Hannah and her friend literally ran from animal to animal. For the first hour and a half we had a docent take us and talk about the animals, habitat, adaptation. All very fascinating. Hannah is so smart too! She is a sponge when it comes to learning. She chatted away with the Docent on what another parent said "a very intellectual level". That's our girl!
The tiger was on the prowl.

Kids are so funny! Remember Alan Mom?

All her school BFF's. The are such fun girls!


Amanda said...

encouraging. I am wondering (just today) if the kindergarden girls will EVER be nice to her.... I mean each other!

It's funny you notice she's smart. Some parents just assume all kids are smart but, they are all so different!! I think I am just realizing my kids are smart. I guess I thought they'd be....not smart like me. Yes I know I am smart just not like that. : )

Kara said...

My kids live for fieldtrips. Rachel gets to go to the library tomorrow and Adam gets to go to the children's museum in a week or so. He is sooo excited!
Hannah and her friend are so cute!