Monday, April 06, 2009

The Start of Spring Break

Friday started Spring Break. Although you'd never know it from the 6 inches of snow in our yard. YUCK.
We took the kids to their first concert ever. They had SO MUCH FUN!!! They have been thanking us ever since :) We went and saw Newsboys in Saginaw. We got their early and stood in line so we could get good seats. We did too. Pretty close to the stage, floor seats. Hannah danced like crazy and James screamed a lot. The coolest part is when the drummer spins on a stage.

It's crazy! The best part for me is watching the kids experience something new and have a blast. The say some of the coolest things when we do stuff like this too. Hannah said "Mom, I'm glad when we do stuff it's really special, not just doing it to not be at home". We don't go do a ton of things so that the kids to get to experience what special moments are. I'll be posting more of our spring break later this week. We had more of an eventful weekend than we've had in a year! They are at my parents for a couple days being spoiled I'm sure!


Jenny LaBo said...

Looks like fun!

amber said...

Fun! I probably would've been covering my ears!

TraceyLD said...

I've heard great things about the concert. I did not even think about taking the girls. Steve was working at the event so I could have taken them myself.
Looks like a lot of fun!
Enjoy your Spring Break. Too bad the weather isn't acting like spring.

The Neals said...

we saw newsboys last year! it was awesome. looks like you had fun!