Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barakel Family Camp

We traveled up to Camp Barakel for Memorial Day weekend. I'm always a bit leery of the weather in May, but thank the Lord, it was beautiful!
Our speaker was Tom Harmon and he was EXCELLENT as usual. You can listen to his messages here.
I have lots of friends old and new that live there and it was so nice to chat in person with them all and catch up on how big every one's kids are getting.
Hannah and James did some fishing with Pappy and caught enough for lunch on Saturday. I LOVE a meal of fresh fish. Especially from Shear lake. I think the cold clear water makes them taste even better. H. and J. also went and did a bit of shooting at the ranges. Archery was fun but Chris was the big winner there. Hannah was the star at the rifle range out shooting her dad with a score of 48! That's 4 bulls eyes in a row! That earned her an award :)

Evan...he didn't fare as well as the older kids. I believe he is allergic to spring at Camp like Grandma. He was miserable all night every night. Since he cried 3 hours in the night, the day was a bummer for him too. Oh well, we came home and he is fine. I'm better too now that I'm rested.
The big excitement the kids have been talking about was a fire on the property near the lake, behind the West Side Chapel. They have no idea what caused it, possibly just carelessness, but God protected and they got it out quickly. It was decent sized as it engulfed an entire large tree! I have a couple pictures of after the fire as James, Dad and Chris were there to help put it out and the kids and I waited at the top of the hill for them. Big James made sure the kids came down to see it all put out as they were quite scared for Camp. It was scary, but we prayed to calm fears, and God protected.

So, our weekend was good overall. Enjoyable, fun, and spiritually refreshing.
- The bouldering wall is always on the list of "must do" at Camp. James is so good!


The Kampers said...

funny, I haven't seen the fire spot yet!

The Neals said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!

Kara said...

Look at Hannah and her perfect form. So cute.

chris k said...

We enjoyed the weather from across the state at camp. I took Trevor to the younger kids session as he isn't quite old enough for the tween and teen sessions, but it was restful and wonderful just being there with a whole group of other Christians.

Kelly Glupker said...

Sure looks like lots of fun! Sorry to hear Evan didn't feel well, that's always hard. I'm also sorry to hear Chris did so well in archery. It's equally hard to hear him brag. :)