Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ode to My Mother

My Mom is the best!
Better than all the rest

She loves without end
She's my very best friend

She can cook up a storm
and makes sure I'm warm

She listens so well
Even when I just want to yell

She showed me how to give
By the way that she lives

She is a beautiful woman to see
She told me there's more to me

She's beautiful inside too
that's the best of her, it's true

She taught me to love
By showing me God from above

She showed He cares
Even about all our hairs

She taught me so much stuff
about how life can get tough

She taught me never to fear
God is always near

Mom, I love you near and far
I hope to be as wonderful as you are.


Kara said...

I love when you and Jenny write poems! I love your mom, too. :)
And happy Mother's Day to you Mrs. Wickman- I hope you have a wonderful day.

chris k said...

Awwww...enjoy that mom of yours. She's the best. Happy mom's day to you too.