Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thunderstorms are a Great Time to Chat

We had a real thunder boomer here last night. You know the kind that makes the windows rattle? I honestly didn't hear it until little cold feet climbed into my bed along with a shaking little girl. So, I scooted over and we listened to the storm together. I love those special snuggle times. I know they start bad with a scared kid, but in the end she went to bed in awe of our God.
Setting our minds on things above. That's how we get through fear. Hannah started talking about how God makes some things Really Loud! He sure did! Think about it....Thunder, clapping, yelling, waves, birds, animals, rocks hitting each other.....the list goes on and on. Hannah listed different sounds that God made loud for about 10 minutes then we prayed and I tucked her back in.
As I got back in my bed I too was awestruck by an awesome God that we have.
Thank you Lord for chats during a thunderstorm. Yet another opportunity to praise YOU!


Josh said...

If that girl ever gets to hear thunder in an AZ monsoon, she'll REALLY be in awe (and probably partially deaf). It's great reminder of our great God, though.

Amanda Irene said...