Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Belated Fathers Day Post

My dad is biking across Michigan this week so we didn't get to see him on Father's Day. We did celebrate together with a cookout the Sunday before.

I recently saw an article talking about celebrity fathers. While I have no regard for celebrities I do have a book/TV personality that I REALLY REALLY thought was cool when I was a young girl. Ok, I still do. Charles Ingalls. He was the man! You know what? My dad is so much like him. Only better! Here's my list of ways they are alike.

-Hard working. Dad always seems to be working on something. Mr. Ingalls did too, wagon wheels.... Fixing, making dad works hard!

-Helps others. Just like Mr. Ingalls was always quick to go help someone in need, my dad is always generous with his time, talents and money to help those in need and we knew it.

-Made sure church was an important part of life. In a lot of episodes Pa Ingalls is seen in church with his family singing, participating. Dad made sure church was very important to our family. That's where we get fed each week. He also stressed that "you get out of church, what you put into it". Be involved, take part in the special ministries. You will make friends, enjoy yourself and know God better because of it.

-Relies on God to provide needs. Mr. Ingalls prayed for God to provide for his family. Usually in crisis. Famine, fire...not the normal crisis. My Dad has always shown us through prayer and action that God is in control. He relies on HIM. Now as he faces new challenges with the automotive industry crashing in, I see it in him again. God is the same, still on His throne and in control.

-GREAT Hair! Last but not least..Michael Landon was sporting an amazing head of hair! Have you seen my dad? He is one handsome guy! He has the best hair. Thick, wavy, the opposite of mine. :)

Thanks Dad for being a great daddy to your little girl. I love you!

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Kara said...

Pam, that was great!
Oh how many times has P.L. bailed us out when it was time for me to go to the hospital? 2 times? No, I think 3 if you count the kidney stone episode. What a guy.