Sunday, June 07, 2009

Date Night

Friday night was date night in our house. At least with the older kids. Evan stayed with Grandma for the evening.
James and Hannah went to a Daddy Daughter dance at our church. It was country western them. It's such a fun time for the both of them. The church has this event each year and Hannah has been talking about it since last summer. She picked out her dress months ago! At the event they eat dinner then they learn a couple dances. This year it was the two step and a line dance. It's a really fun night for Daddy's to "date" their daughters. Big James has taken this as a real opportunity to talk to Hannah about how boys should treat her and what to look for in a husband. Such a special time. Hannah cries each year when it's over because she has had such a great time alone with her daddy.

Little James and I have made it a tradition to go on a date that night too. I always let him plan it, as that's what guys do right? This year he planned for us to go to IHOP then to a movie. He's very traditional. I love this opportunity to teach James how to date a woman. I make sure he opens doors and all that good stuff. I completely enjoy our conversation time. He takes the opportunity to talk to me about things that he wouldn't normally. I'm the one that cries when it's over. I love that night. He is a sweet, tender hearted boy that loves the LORD and I love to hear him talk. I love him and I know he loves me. I MELTED when he wanted to hold my hand in the movie. There is still a little boy in there :) No pictures for us. I forgot my camera.


Kelly Glupker said...

How nice, Pam, that you guys do this with your kids. What a neat way to train up your kids. I also want to add, since I am a step-daughter, that I think it is WONDERFUL that you never try to come between Big James and Hannah. So many women feel threatened by the relationships their husbands have with their daughters - when it's not the mom's biological daughter (even when they are young) and try to prevent them from having a special bond. It's pretty sad I think when a grown woman gets jealous of the attention a little girl gets from her dad. You're doing a great job!!!!

The Kampers said...

How very fun! How sweet that Little James wanted to hold your hand! Forrest was out working with Noah tonight, and when he came home, he stoped to take off his shoes, and then kissed me! So sweet! I don't want him to grow up too fast!

Great photo of Evan by the way! What a fun little guy!

Kara said...

That is so great. I loved what Kelly wrote, I can't add any more to it! You were meant to be a mom, we all knew that. :)

Josh said...

That's a fantastically sweet tradition for your family to have. Well done, Pam and James (the elder).