Monday, June 15, 2009

Money Monday


I just want to preface again, I'm not a financial expert. I've just made a lot of mistakes and am now on the right track. God has been the ultimate giver of wisdom and I rely on HIM for everything.

Needs: adverb
of necessity; necessarily

Wants: verb
to feel inclined; wish

As a parent, I hear the word "WANT" a lot! Kids are born with a natural selfishness that makes them want everything for their own. They really do think that somehow they can't go on with a normal life without it.
As an adult, I am the same way. Selfish. I WANT a lot of things. A bigger house, cuter clothes, more grocery budget, vacations.....the list goes on.
Yesterday's sermon by Pastor Darril hit home for me. It was on contentment and I related it to wants. Is my list of wants drowning out God's voice? Why am I still wanting more when I haven't even acknowledged He has provided for my needs abundantly? He has! 1 Timothy 6:7-8 says "For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that". This is Paul writing. From prison no less! Content? In prison? How can that be? I'm discontent in a house that is lovely.
Food and clothing. That's what God promises to provide. He's a good God. All the time. As a wife and parent, my list seems to be much longer. I was talking to my husband about my thoughts and we talked about things that as a family are needs, and things that are wants. Feel free to disagree, these are what are appropriate for us. Our list: Food, clothing, shelter (even this one), job, transportation and health care. We felt that if nothing else if we have these, in even the simplest form, we have what we need. We even felt that these needs were in abundance to what God promised us.
We could come up with a much, much greater list of wants. Especially with children. We want to give them so much. If we are giving to our kids and sacrificing a need, really, we are in debt. We used our money poorly. Kids will survive happily with their needs being met and parents that love them. They will be even better if in the process, we show them God's amazing provision.
All this to say. God loves me. I am His child. He will not let me go without the things I need. He promised I will be clothed like a Lilly. (Luke 12) I don't need to worry about that. I can't let my needs continue to push me into temptation for more, lead me to debt, get in the way of my relationships, affect my reputation or most of all drown out God's voice. Instead, I will focus on what God has provided and thank Him for it all. Trust God that it does get better (heaven!), and realize in Him, I'm wealthy!!!


chris k said...

I have been struggling with this same issue. It seems like as soon as summer hits, I feel an urge or wants. I have definitely hit the snooze button but your comment really spoke to me.

Enjoy the week and I know that the kids will have a wonderful time at Barakel.

The Neals said...

hm...i'm sitting here pricing yard sale items that not too long ago we "needed." oh how quickly our desires change! my prayer is that God would instill in me a greater desire for HIM and a lesser desire for the things of this world.

thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Sarah Glupker said...

Loved reading a little bit of your head and heart. Thanks Pam. There always seems to be a struggle to enjoy what I already have right in front of me, and to place high value on the things that are eternal.
See you on Friday....sometime (?).