Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Girl Party!!

Hannah had her early birthday part this past Friday. Her birthday isn't actually until July but those of you with summer birthdays know that it's rare to have school friends to a summer party.
They roasted hot dogs and s'mores. Had a fun picnic in the backyard. That was great because I have a really small kitchen. One little girl was amazed that I gave a BIG piece of chocolate. Hey, this is a party! BIG chocolate all around :)

They played freeze dance. Dancing to the tunes until I hit pause then they had to freeze. If you moved, you're out. They played that a LONG time :)

They all gathered in the living room for a pillow fight, movie and "sleeping". I don't really think they slept too much. 1:30 was the last I actually spoke with them, I did hear them around 3 though.

I'd say Hannah had a pretty great time since she keeps hugging James and I over and over and thanking us. Success!


The Kampers said...

what fun! So glad it was such a fun time for her!

Kara said...

How sweet that Olivia got to go! It's so hard when friends are separated sometimes. :)
(That means we missed you today)

The Neals said...

how fun! you're probably the best mom ever!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Olivia had a great time !!!!!!!
She did say Mom we need to move so Hannah and I can play everyday together, how sweet is that :)
That would be awesome all around if we were closer !
My heart just melts seeing those pics, they look so grown up and looks like everyone had lots of fun. Good job Pam , Mom of the cool party award goes to you.
Thanks again and will see you all very soon.
Love you all bunches !!!