Friday, July 17, 2009

20 Blessings on My 400th Post

I started this blog this week of July 3 years ago. This is the 400th post. I can't believe it's been 3 years since my life a Wickman, wife and mom all started. I hope my blog is still achieving my goal to keep family and friends connected while making a "history book" for my kids. At least I get comments from you all that are reading so I know that I'm just not blogging for the sake of blogging. This takes entirely too much time for it to be wasted. ;)
So with my 400th post, I wanted to give you my list of blessings. 20 because 400 would be too long, although I'm sure I have that many!

1. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Is there life without Him?
2. My husband. Godly, sweet, great leader. I couldn't ask for a more committed man. He takes his vows very seriously. Yay!
3. My kids. They are incredible. Yes 2 of them are not mine by blood, but as Hannah says "born from my heart". So true Hannah. All 3 of them are so awesome and unique.
3. A good job for my husband. He is a great leader, well respected, and provides for me to stay home with our kids with this job. We live in Michigan, we know jobs are scarce.
4. My immediate family. To have a Godly family is a great treasure.
5. Christian friends. To have sisters and brothers in Christ is so wonderful.
6. A home. It isn't big, but it's sufficient.
7. A great church.
8. a library less that a block from home.
9. Cool evening breezes.
10. a van that is paid for.
11. the Internet. Where would I be without this great connection to friends and family? Lonely.
12. a warm bed.
13. a content baby, even on the craziest of days.
14. conversations about Star Wars over cereal in the morning.
15. Snuggling on the couch and reading Anne of Green Gables.
16. Music. Soothing, encouraging and fun to dance to. Party like a preschooler!
17. Coupons. Seems like a strange blessing but they have kept my family fed well on a small budget.
18. A financially minded husband that helps me remember all we have in the Lords.
19. A nice quiet neighborhood that allows my children freedom to run around :)
20. All that I have! I don't have a lot, but I know all of it came from God and it's all a blessing to me.


Sarah Glupker said...

A grateful heart is a freeing possession....

Jenny LaBo said...

Beautiful post Pam! :)

chris k said...

It is wonderful to notice that the "things" that the world wants us to buy into are not on your grateful blessings list. The things that are most needed have very little to do with money. 400 posts within a couple of years - wow!