Saturday, July 11, 2009

D.C. Trip Part 1

We've just returned from our family trip to D.C. We had such a nice time together! We did D.C. in 3 days so we packed a lot in. We spent over 30 hours in the car all together and all the kids did so well! Evan only had one meltdown on the way home from our ocean visit. Of course, all the kids had a meltdown that night.
Hannah and James got to see lots of things they had only seen on T.V. or heard about. Before we left we saw Night at The Museum Smithsonian so they were really excited about some of the things there.
It was so fun to see their faces when they saw the Washington Monument for the first time, or one of the grand and beautiful buildings. Evan did amazing!! I couldn't have asked for a better baby. He didn't get much of a nap any of the days, but didn't cry, whine or was naughty. He just giggled at the new things to see and said "see?". I think he just enjoyed being together.
Mom and Dad came along and it was awesome to have them there. I'm so blessed! They were a tremendous help with Evan as all us parents know that 3 kids require a mom to be pulled in more than one direction.
Big James planned the whole trip and did a great job! The kids were quite frequently bouncing around Daddy and have a great time with him. Daddy planned this trip for a long time and saved our pennies so we could do a lot of special things. Thanks James!
This is really just pictures from the first day. I'll post more tomorrow.


chris k said...

You sure did a lot on that first day. The war memorials were emotional because of all of the people affected. We used the same bus and loved it. Can't wait to see more of your trip. Trevor wants to know if you went up the Washington Monument. The elevator was down when we went last year.

Pam said...

Trevor - No, we didn't get to go up the elevator. You had to get tickets and they were for very late in the day. Maybe next time! - Hannah