Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby to Big Boy in 10 minutes

Daddy gave Evan a haircut this weekend. He was a good boy and sat still for Daddy even when he didn't want to.
Before: Doesn't look too bad, but really he had Mullet. It was LONG in the back.

Daddy uses a Flowbie. Infomercial sales at it's best. This thing works great and has saved us a ton of money for boys haircuts. He didn't even cry with it. James did a great job with him. Of course he loves his Daddy so it was all good for him. :)

After: My BIG boy!! He looks so much older to me. Just as cute though!
(Sorry about the food in his mouth. he got a pretzel when he was done)


chris k said...

A flowbie? What is that? James sure did a good job on that haircut. How are all of the practices going?

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

flowbie rock on !
he looks so big, you know they always do when they get that first big boy cut.

TraceyLD said...

Great hair cut! I've never heard of a flowbie either.