Friday, September 04, 2009


Last night the kids involved in our area youth sports got to go to the high school game. The cheerleaders/pom girls did a routine with the high school girls, then got to cheer for the 1st quarter of the game. The football guys got to go stand on their jerseys with the big guys and get their names announced over the loud speaker. They had such a good time and were so very proud of themselves. We were proud parents too! Evan was a good boy and cheered, clapped, danced and plugged his ears. No crying even though it got a bit cool toward the end of the game.


amber said...

How fun! I love the picture of Evan plugging his ears!

Phil Luter said...

We are proud of them too!

Sarah Glupker said...

Who's that cute cheerleader who looks like she's having fun there in the middle of the pack??!!? You look like the kind of cheerleader who gets the crowd up on their feet, Hannah!
Pretty neat-o that they let the little kids join in the fun with the older kids....good memories!