Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Little Perspective

Our kids have it good. They don't know it, but they do. They have everything need and a whole lot more.
There is a girl Hannah's age (4th grade) that comes to our house every morning before school. She started last year and has been ever since. Her mom works and has her leave by 8:00. School doesn't start until 8:50, so she hangs out here until they either walk together or catch the bus. She is a very sweet girl and we don't mind having her here as long as she doesn't mind me in my PJ's with unbrushed teeth.
Over the weekend she went "shopping with a cop". It's a program that lets kids that are "underpriveledged" go shopping and buy something special for themselves as well as fill their Christmas list for others too. She was so excited when she came to the door on Monday she started talking immediately about this cool adventure and all the neat things she got for others. She didn't even buy herself anything. She was even so kind as to get Evan a Thomas whistle. So sweet.
Hannah just stood there. I know she was pumped to tell her friend about her weekend, but couldn't get the words out when she was listening to a friend that really doesn't have much of anything talk about how she had so much fun doing for others. She even pulled me aside to ask why her friend wouldn't get anything for herself when they don't have much money. I really think it put a little perspective on Christmas for her. It's not about ourselves. Having things is not bad, or doing cool stuff is not bad either...but doing for others is so much more rewarding isn't it? It put things in perspective for me too.


Kara said...

Wow. What a great story. They do the shopping with a cop here, too. The kids were so cute on the news!

Amanda said...

thats just awesome.

Jenny LaBo said...

Good for Hannah! :)