Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Been Going On

I have never done the bullet point thing, today is a first. So many things going on, not many of them are related to each other.

- We have been packing. Packing up everything we don't think we'll need in the next two weeks. Actually the kids have been a bit overambitious and even started packing clothes and bathroom things. Um, we need those.

- We are so excited about all the room in the new house, new friends, and woods to play in. We thought the kids may have a bit a trouble leaving their neighborhood friends. Unfortunately, those kids have made it easy for us to leave them. Why are kids so MEAN???

- Baby girl is all set and scheduled for a C-Section 7:30am on June 14th unless God decides she is to come sooner. I am really ready to meet the little one that God has given us.

- I'm a bit scared to have her out of the womb. She is VERY active and I wonder if she is going to be the child that keeps me up for months. I also get a bit weepy that Evan won't be my little baby boy anymore. Life is going to be so different, but in a great way.

- Most of us in the house are sick. Boo! Hannah is finally on the mend. She came home a few weekends ago with a cold and it has hung on and on. It's hard to convince a 9 year old that sleep really will help her feel better. Mom and Dad know it. She is so weepy and tired in the morning. Parenting is hard!

- For the first time in this pregnancy I don't feel well. Dumb cold. The cough alone is enough to drive me crazy!! This too shall pass. Right?

- Awana is coming to an end today. Kids both finished their books and along with that MANY memory verses. I pray they keep them in their heart always.

So there is our life. Packing and sickness prevailing.


Kara said...

Busy busy busy! I am so excited about your new house you'd think I was moving in with you. I hope you love your new neighbors. That's the only thing that keeps me from sticking a sign in the yard to look for a bigger place I think- I would miss Judy and Lu terribly.
And you need to kick that cough! That would drive me bonkers. Get better soon. :)

Pam said...

Kara - you's be find if you moved. Remember you didn't want to leave the Benjamin house because of Stella? You would have never met Judy or Lu!
I think I'm on the mend!! Yay!!