Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They're Off!

Off to Camp Barakel that is. This is the kids annual trip/vacation away from home, parents all things routine. They love this week and start counting down as soon as we get the brochure in the winter.
We as parents love Barakel because we know our kids are safe and hear the Word of God cleary every day they are there.
Pray for the kids this week that they will have a good time, but most of all listen to what God has for them.

James and his buddy/step-brother Brayden.
Hannah's buddy Sarah is meeting her at Camp.

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Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

I loved Camp Barakel! Do you remember the camp out when you were our counselor and it was pouring rain and we had to get picked up? It's one of my favorite kid memories!