Monday, August 30, 2010


Evanese is what we call Evan speak. He absolutely has his own thought process. Sometimes it's pretty hilarious! Don't you love the curiosity and imagination of a 2 year old?
I thought I'd copy one of my friends and post some things Evan has been saying and doing lately.

Mommy: Evan, you don't smell good let's go fix that"
Evan: Mommy, it's not me! It's the frogs in my bellybutton!

Mommy: Evan do you want your sandwich cut in squares or triangles?
Evan: Ummm, Ovals!

Evan: Mommy I don't want a hot dog, I want a cold dog!

Evan: Mommy, Gramma can't stay in the tent with Uncle Chris.
Mommy: Why?
Evan: She's too little. She still needs to sleep with Papa.

You just can't tell any exciting to news to Evan ahead of time. He just gets so excited he can't stand it. He found out we're going camping with Gramma and Papa this weekend and he is literally jumping and skipping all morning. He has 4 more days to wait! BUT, the first thing out of his mouth this morning was "Mommy! We go camping with Uncle Chris!!"

I just love that little guy. Don't mistake his size for maturity. He is still every bit of a nearly two and a half year old. He's tall but still my silly little boy :)

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Jenny LaBo said...

LOVE it! I am still lauging at Gramma being to little and having to sleep with PaPa