Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rewind to Labor Day

Every year we go to Family Camp at Camp Barakel. Some years for Memorial day, this year for Labor Day. We always have lot of fun. We go with my parents and brother. This year was a new thing for the big kids, they got to sleep in the tent with Uncle parents! FUN! Although they did mention Uncle Chris snored. Although I'm sure it was quiet in there compared to the camper with my parents, James and I and two babies. The weather was cold, but the hot chocolate was hot and we got to sit close to those we love.
This was Noel's first trip to camp and she did outstanding. She slept all night and enjoyed being cuddled or hanging out in her carrier through the day.
We love Camp and love being with family. This is a perfect weekend for us.

Hannah got one more chance to see her counselor from this past summer, Sam.

They had a digital photo scavenger hunt and Hannah and James were all about doing it. They did a great job, didn't win, but had fun. One thing was a cartwheel in front of the dining hall.

The scavenger hunt was a sneaky way to have family time because the whole family had to be in a lot of the pictures. This one we are all holding an Oak leaf...even Noel.

I just like this picture. All the girls in our family. :)

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Kelly Glupker said...

Very nice family picture!