Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday James!!

James is 12. That sounds really old to me. James became a part of my life when he was 6. I can honestly say I have enjoyed being a part of his life every day.
Some highlights about our James
- He LOVES Star Wars. Not just enjoys the movies...LOVES Star Wars. Reads book after book, watches get it.
- He plays the tuba! He really enjoys that too...I have to say he's getting pretty good at it too. I look forward to this years concert.
- James is one smart guy. Not just book smart. He is truly coming into his own and starting to figure people out. He is a very intelligent guy, remembers every word that is said to him. This last parent teacher conference we were very proud to hear that he is not only book smart, but smart about making friends and good choices. Yay!
- He is such an awesome big brother. He has always taken care of Hannah. Protects her. Now that he has some more siblings he is doing the same with them. He is silly with them, yet so tender and sweet.
- James LOVES the Lord. More than Star Wars!! He is always telling me a tidbit he has learned from God's Word. He is attempting to read through the Bible. It's slow going, but some things are really hard to understand at 12. Who am I kidding? It's hard at 37. He really wants to know God. Amen amen amen.
I love James so much. He is a great kids. I have especially enjoyed our trips to Ann Arbor to the orthodontist and listening to him the whole way there and back. He has a lot to say! It's almost as fun as grocery shopping with him. He's my shopping buddy. Only groceries. He's a big help and tons of fun. He volunteers to go and we have fun just the two of us.
Twelve. He's growing up. I have to savor the moments.
We love you James!!!

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Jenny LaBo said...

Happy Birthday James!