Saturday, June 18, 2011

To My Husband On Father's Day

I love you. I love you as a Daddy.
I find it amazing that everyday you go provide for your children and I can't remember a day that you have complained about that. You just do it, because you want the best for your kids and I.
I can't help but smile every day at the reaction you get when you come home from work. Every child from 1 to 12 yells and screams "Daddy" and immediately wants your attention. I know you'd rather sit down on the couch and snooze for a few before dinner but instead you give your full attention to them. Listening to stories about their day, tickling them and just hugging on them. You melt my heart when I see you do that.
I love that you tuck the baby in to bed every night you can. She snuggles into her daddy and goes to bed feel safe and secure, just like the rest of us.
You are their rock. The one in our family that is there to lean on. You have always been there for all of them at any time they have needed you, without hesitation.
You show them Jesus every day. I love you for that! You love unconditionally, and would give your life for any one of them no matter what. You are forgiving, yet fair with punishment and always point the kids to Christ. You show His grace so well.
At this point you are probably thinking I think you are perfect. Don't worry. I know you're not. So do the kids. We love that about you. You're not afraid to tell them when you've goofed up.
Your children respect you more that anyone on earth. I heard James IV say recently that he hopes he becomes just like you when he grows up...with a different job. That says so much to me.
I love you James! Thank you for choosing me to be your wife.

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